Our Mission


The Double Slit experiment, first conducted at Bell Labs in New Jersey, exposed a strange and powerful characteristic about matter that was beyond the imagination of even the most advanced scientists of its day.  This discovery led to new technologies that are helping re-make our world. Advances in semi-conductors, transportation, energy, communications, financial services, healthcare and other industries can be directly traced to this discovery. 


Before and until the DoubleSlit, technical progress was in danger of reaching a technical impasse. The relentless pace of transistor miniaturization was reaching its peak. Insight from the DoubleSlit experiment directly opened the door to new and previously unimaginable innovations, thereby ushering in productivity increases, more effective capital allocation, life-saving advances in disease diagnosis and treatment, secure communications and the potential for truly advanced forms of artificial intelligence. 

The DoubleSlit opened a window into the world of what is possible.

Let's discover the world of what's possible for your organization.